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“I have been fortunate to observe many of the Skillastics® activity kits being used by teachers to promote fitness and skill development. The materials are professional and attractive; children naturally gravitate to the wide variety of activities. The kits offer a positive experience for all students and promote lifetime physical activities. I personally feel Skillastics® should be a part of every school program.”

LA’s Best Services

LA’s BEST services 194 LAUSD schools in Los Angeles…We have implemented Skillastics® to our upper grades (3-6) as a tool to stay fit and healthy with fitness base movements.  We wanted a resource to help our 5th graders increase their FitnessGram scores and also have fun while exercising.  Skillastics® is a great and effective tool for our leaders to use.  It is quick and simple to learn and our kids love it!

Everyone can enjoy the activities

“No matter how large the class, everyone  can enjoy the activities, while working in small group settings.”

Learner-Centered Activity

“Need a solution for a learner-centered instant activity that provides fitness benefits?  Skillastics® is it!  I require my pre-service teachers to employ one Skillastics® for every Elementary PE lesson they design and deliver.  You will not be disappointed.”


“I cannot remember a time when a resource has motivated our students to achieve moderate to vigorous physical activity in such a fun, educational way.  Skillastics® has helped transform my K-5 schools and is a vital part of my curriculum.”

Miami-Dade County Public School

“Miami-Dade County Public Schools provides a comprehensive physical education to all students through daily elementary physical education.  We place a concerted emphasis on the fitness education model to ensure that all students have the opportunity to maintain appropriate fitness levels, while engaging in quality physical education.  Fitness Skillastics® provides the opportunity for us to meet our instructional objectives through quality and fun programming”.

Bernadette Bass

“Sandy’s Skillastics® game was a motivational boost to our PE classes during our basketball curriculum. The students not only had fun with it, but developed better ball-handling skills, more cooperation and a better understanding of the skills involved in basketball. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a motivational and fun activity and game for basketball. The kids LOVED it.”

Bernadette Bass, Physical Education Teacher, St. Celestine School, Elmwood Park, IL