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I am ready to buy, but would like a price quote custom tailored to my needs. Whom do I contact?

Please call our office at (951) 279-3476 or (888) 842-7746, and a representative would be happy to assist you with all of your ordering needs.

I am desperately looking for a Grant Writer. Do you provide this service?

Yes.  We have an excellent Grant Writer to help write and guide you through the whole grant-writing process.  Please e-mail us at or call (888)842-7746 for more information.

How do I sign up for your monthly newsletter that offer Skillastics® tips, grant resources, classroom management techniques, and many more helpful ideas?

Simply provide us with your information on our contact us page  and you will be automatically added to our database to receive our monthly “Tips and Techniques” Newsletter

Can Skillastics® be competitive?

Absolutely!  There are a variety of ways you can make Skillastics® competitive.  Every customer that orders Skillastics® products receives via e-mail additional ideas that they can use with the games, which includes options for making it competitive.  If you have purchased Skillastics® and have not received the additional ideas, please e-mail us at, requesting this information and we will e-mail it to you promptly.

Can we purchase beanbags, miniature mats or die if anything gets lost or stolen?

Yes.  Please e-mail, or call (888) 842-7746, or (951) 279-3476, to receive additional information and pricing.

How long does it take to receive the product(s) once the order is placed?

If our office receives the order before noon PST, the product(s) will be shipped out the same day via UPS from our warehouse in Wisconsin.  If not, the product(s) will go out the following business day.  Most customers receive the product(s) within 3-5 days.  Please call (888)842-7746 if you would like to expedite your order and we would be happy to accommodate your needs.

Do you offer multiple order discounts?

Yes.  Please e-mail, or call (888)842-7746 for our multiple order rates.  We would be happy to create a custom quote for you.

Can we order Skillastics® with a Purchase Order?

Yes.  Simply FAX the PO to:  (951) 279-3957, or call our toll-free number: (888)842-7746 to place your order.

How can 100 children play Skillastics® at one time?

A group of children are divided up into 6 teams (16 on each team if 100 children are playing).  teams are placed away from the large activity mats in their “home area”.  A duplicate miniature mat (of the large mat), is place in each teams “home area” for reference (6 miniature mats are included with each activity kit).  Children from each team take turns jogging to the large mat, rolling their assigned colored die and moving their assigned colored beanbag the number rolled – landing on an activity and running back to his/her team explaining what activity they are required to do next at the level of repetitions assigned.  Once completed, the process is repeated with another teammate from each team jogging to the large mat and rolling his/her assigned color die.  The teams are playing completely independent from one another.  The average class size usually varies between 24-50 children – which lowers the average number to 4 to 8 children on each team.

Do you offer staff development training?

Absolutely!  Skillastics® is extremely easy to learn and implement; however, for multiple order purchases, we have an excellent staff of Skillastics® Educational Specialists that are highly qualified to teach Skillastics® to your staff.  Please call (888)842-7746 for more information and pricing.