Success Isn’t About Winning

With summer just around the corner, children will be busy competing in many different club tournaments and attending a variety of different camps.  With all this competition, it’s nice to be reminded what really important when it comes to being successful.  I came across this story that’s apropos…

A woman having lunch at a small cafe was seated next to a family celebrating their son’s basketball game. Their conversation was so lively that the woman joined in. “You must have been on the winning team,” she said.
The kid grinned from ear to ear. “No, we lost by 20 points. The other team had a killer defense. We were only able to make one basket.”
“Did you make the basket?” asked the woman.
With his mouth filled with cake and ice cream, the boy shook his head no. His father reached across the table to give him a high five. His mother hugged him and said, “You were awesome.”
The woman at the next table rubbed her chin. The boy looked at the confused woman and said, “At last week’s game I took nine shots, but they all fell short of the basket. This week I took eight shots and three of them hit the rim. Dad says I’m making progress.”

~Adapted from “Ice Cream Party”, Rochelle M. Pennington

Making progress. Every time you practice, every time you play in a game, examine your play and ask yourself; “Did I make progress?” If the answer is yes, then you know that you are getting better. It’s a slow process, but the rewards are great. Start the summer by changing the way you view your play. Don’t base your success on how many baskets you make, how many rebounds you get, or how many games your team wins. Base your success by examining if you’ve made progress in ALL aspects of the game. Before you know it the points you score will increase, and your overall game will become much better.