Five Secrets of Dribbling

If you dribble well, you have control on the basketball court. You have confidence in your abilities that makes you an offensive threat. 

This month I’ve outlined five secrets to effective dribbling.  If you start following these suggestions, you’ll be headed in the right direction for gaining confidence on the court.

  1. Keep Your Head Up. If you’re looking at the ball, you can’t see the big picture. You will miss precious opportunities to pass the ball to an open teammate. The more you practice dribbling with your head up, the easier it will become.
  2. Protect the Ball. Get in the habit of dribbling the basketball close to your body, with your opposite hand always up, protecting the ball. This will cut down on the amount of times the defense steals the ball.
  3. Bounce the Ball Hard Off The Floor. If you bounce the ball hard, that will give you the momentum to make a move to the basket (e.g. crossover, spin dribble). Also, it makes it more difficult for the defense to steal the ball, because the ball is moving faster.
  4. When Making a Dribble Move – EXPLODE. The first step is crucial in determining if you are or are not going to beat the person guarding you. When you decide to make a move, don’t hesitate, explode to the basket.
  5. Practice Both Hands Equally. You don’t want to be labeled by your opponent as the player that only goes to their right or left. Work on both hands equally so the defense has no idea which way you are going.