3 Reasons You Need to Sign Up for Let’s Move! Active Schools Today

Have you heard the news? Let’s Move! Active Schools recently celebrated its 11,000 school milestone! Learn more about how Let’s Move! Active Schools is the solution for schools to ensure their students get 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Here are three great reasons for you to join our national movement!

  1. Streamlined Physical Education and Physical Activity. With a plethora of physical activity and physical education resources, programs and funding opportunities, teachers are often overwhelmed and not sure which to choose. Let’s Move! Active Schools solves that problem by helping teachers navigate overpopulated landscape of options, and delivering a customized action plan that makes sense for your school.
  2. Active Kids Perform Better. Not only does regular physical activity help keep kids healthy and strong, but research also shows that school-aged youth who participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day perform better all around: higher test scores, increased focus, improved behavior and attention span. If schools can be the conduit for physical activity, we can better prepare our students to reach their greatest potential all while boosting learning outcomes. Need to see it to believe it? Watch why kids love Active Schools.
  3. Physical Educators = Leaders and Change Agents. By providing opportunities for physical educators to be recognized as gurus, thought leaders and change agents within their communities, Let’s Move! Active Schools elevates the profession. Let’s Move! Active Schools equips physical educators with an evidenced-based roadmap, activation grants, and an exclusive library of professional development, curriculum, tools and implementation guides – all helping to strengthen lesson plans, credentials and connections.

The best part is that Let’s Move! Active Schools is FREE, easy and results in a comprehensive, individualized approach to getting students moving before, during and after the school day. Don’t wait another day or week. Visit www.letsmoveschools.org to sign up today and start your Active Schools journey.

SHAPE America is a proud managing partner of Let’s Move! Active Schools.