Integrating Passing into Basketball Skillastics®

Basketball Skillastics® contains 26 fundamental activities that help children practice and become more proficient at basic basketball skills in a fun and non-threatening atmosphere.   The only skill that is not included as an activity is passing.  However, this skill can be adapted into Skillastics® by incorporating the following activity:

  •   Have each group pair up individual groups prior to the start of play with each pair having its own ball.  (If there are not enough balls, encourage individual teams to create groups of 3 or 4).
  •  On the signal, the first child from each team jogs to the large mat to determine what activity they will bring back to the group.
  • Once everyone in the group completes the number of repetitions required for that activity, the next child in each group jogs to the large mat to determine the next activity.
  • When that child leaves, the rest of his/her group pairs up and begins passing back and forth until their teammate gets back with a new activity.
  • The passing activities could vary and the instructor explains them prior to the start of play.
  • This process could take place while playing Basketball Skillastics®.
  • Other Options are:
    • Consider assigning a different type of  pass (bounce, chest pass, baseball pass) each time a different child goes to the large mat.
    • Each time the team(s) complete the number of repetitions required on the activity from the large mat presented, prior to the next child running to the large mat, everyone on the team pairs up and passes a certain amount of times a certain fundamental pass.  When completed, the next child jogs to the large mat and repeats the process.

There are multiple activities you can add to Basketball Skillastics®.  Skillastics® allows you to be  as creative as you want to be!  Good Luck!