Practicing Shooting at Game Speed

I’ve seen a lot of great shooters throughout the years. Individuals who can beat anyone at games like H.O.R.S.E. But put some of those individuals in a game with added factors such as fatigue and pressure, and their shooting percentage drops drastically. The key to practicing shooting is practicing it at game speed

I remember my coach in college telling us that we practice hard so that the games would be easy. In other words, practice at game-like speed so when you step onto the floor for the game, there will be no surprises.  Below is a great drill to practice shooting at Game Speed.

This drill works best with a partner.

“Shooting 100”

  • Mark five spots on the floor from which you normally shoot.
  • First person shoots 20 shots from the first spot and 2nd person rebounds and passes back.
  • The 2nd person shoots 20 from the same spot and the 1st person rebounds and passes back.
  • Keep alternating shooters until both have taken 20 shots from each spot, which equals 100 shots each.
  • If you do not have a partner, shoot 10 shots at each spot, rebounding yourself. Between spots make 5 free throws, and ten go to the next spot.
  • Option – Add another person as the defender, getting a hand in the shooters face.