Embrace the Cold Weather!

With the majority of the country experiencing bitter cold, many physical education classes are beginning the new year with their Winter Unit.  BFit4 Winter Skillastics® is an excellent resource to use to help students build strength and endurance for outdoor winter activities.  Below are some ideas you can use with BFit4 Winter Skillastics®.


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1.      Ask the students to take their time on the stretching activities in BFit4 Winter Skillastics® and feel their muscles at work, loosing up.

2.      Have the students run a lap around the gym while their teammate rolls the dice to get even more cardiovascular activity.  Challenge them to run around the gym before their teammate gets back to the team area to present the new activity (Teaching Tip:  Caution your students to maintain spacing when running around the gym – being careful not to run into any other student).

3.      Connect BFit4 Winter Skillastics® Activities with the Health-Related Fitness Components, asking the students what Health-Related Components they worked on in while doing the various BFit4 Winter Skillastics® activities.

4.      Ask the students what BFit4 Winter Skillastics® activity correlates with what winter activity?  Downhill Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Snow-shoeing or Snowboarding?

5.      Integrate the Skillastics® Nutritional Cards with BFit4 Winter Skillastics® (Upper Elementary and Middle School Version or Lower Elementary Version).

6.      BFit4 Winter Skillastics® can be used in combination with the winter Olympics.  Distribute paper medals for each team when completed.