A New Year and a New Name!

While most of us don’t like change, most of the time, those changes are better for everyone involved.  I admit I have mixed emotions about some of the recent changes but on the other hand, I’m excited to know that our profession is moving forward.  I am sure that you are all aware that AAHPERD has changed its name.  My hope is that you will use this change to continue to be a strong advocate for physical education and physical activity! 

Recently the members of AAHPERD voted to accept a proposed new name.  AAHPERD is now the “Society of Health and Physical Educators”, and will do business as “SHAPE America”.  President Gale Wiedow said, “Having an acronym that actually says and means something helps to make our new name more memorable. In addition, the verb shape means influence and communicates leadership and power. We want SHAPE America to have increased visibility and recognition among our primary audiences of physical and health educators as well as our secondary audiences, parents, principals, school administrators, policy makers, and the media. I am confident that our strong, memorable and simple new name will help us do just that.”

I hope you are a member of our national organization.  If not, becoming a member is a great first step to take to help support our profession.  If you are a current member, now is a great time to let people know that you are a proud member of SHAPE America, THE national association that supports you as a physical educator.