The Power of a Written Note

I will be the first to confess that with all of the technology at our finger tips that I don’t take time to write people letters or notes like I used to.  And, shame on me because I know how meaningful those hand written notes can be.  I started thinking about this because of a story I read (yes on the internet!) about Bill Snyder the Kansas State Wildcats football coach.  This man is truly a great coach and an even better person.  He always takes the blame when his team loses, never rants and raves on the sideline, and is more concerned about his players becoming productive citizens than winning games.

At least twice this year he has taken the time to send a hand-written note to a player on the opposing team.  Yes, you read that correctly, a player from the opposing team.  No telling how many notes he sends to his own players!  The Cats lost the first game of the season to a team they should have beaten.  He wrote a letter to the opposing quarterback telling him how well he and his teammates played and congratulated them on their victory.  This week, he sent a note to a player that was injured during their game against K-State wishing him well and commending him for his great play. 

So, my question is how many of you have saved a note that a teacher wrote you when you were in school or a note from a friend that encouraged you during a rough time? My guess is everyone!  I realize it takes some time but I challenge you to write at least one short note each week to a student or colleague at school.  It will make their day and hopefully will be a great example of a skill that most of us have not practiced in a long time!  Sharpen your pencil and get started writing!