Skillastics® Task Cards Activity – Fitness Track

Skillastics® Activity Kits NOW come with Task Cards – which allows simplicity in teaching the 26 actvitites included with each Skillastics® Activity Kit prior to playing the actual Skillastics® game. Click Here to view a creative way to use the task cards. Lay the Skillastics® Task Cards in a circle. Divide a group into partners with each partner next to a task card. One partner is in the inside of the circle, one partner is on the outside of the circle. On a signal, the students on the outside of the circle walk around the circle to their right. The students on the inside of the circle perform the activity that is on the task card in front of them. When the student on the outside returns to his/her partner, the two switch places and repeat the process. When both partners have completed the activity on the card, they move together to the outside students right and repeat. Everyone is engaged and having fun learning the Skillastics® Activities!