The Importance of Parents Being Active With Their Kids

Recently in the health section of our local paper there was an article by a couple of physicians that caught my eye.  The article was titled “Ways to get your kids active”.  It was nice to see an article on this topic, and better yet, it talked about the importance of quality physical education and keeping physical education in our schools.  But, I really liked the fact that they talked about the importance of parents being active with their kids.  They said “Active parents have kids who are five to six times more physical than children of “couch potatoes”.  What a great reason to invite parents to join in the fun of participating in Skillastics® activities with their children!  Hosting a Skillastics® Family Fitness event or sending home a Skillastics® Fitness calendar are two easy ways to get started.  Include that fact from the physicians with your invitation and I’m sure more parents will be willing to get off the couch and be active!