Make it a Great Year!

It’s that time of year and everyone is back at school.  I heard a very good teacher talk about how “Win the Day” has become his daily motto and was intrigued by that thought!  He said it didn’t mean he had to actually win at everything he did but he did try to do his very best to make every day a good day.  So….as the new year starts, what are you going to do to make every day a good day?  Here are a few simple ideas to consider!

  • Smile at everyone you meet (hopefully you’ll get a smile in return!).
  • Make sure you are prepared for the lessons you are going to teach.
  • Find one person (big or little!) to give a compliment to.
  • Be excited about what you are teaching.
  • Find something (not someone) to laugh about.
  • Find one way to promote physical education and physical activity.  (Simple as telling someone you meet what you taught and how it relates to our National Standards or how it helps kids reach 60 minutes of daily physical activity.)
  • Take a little time for yourself.
  • Be proud that you are a physical education teacher!!!

I hope you have a great year and remember that “winning the day” starts with you!