Skillastics® Included in New Documentary that Shows Transformation of East Harlem School into a Model of School Wellness

A whole-school wellness transformation is underway at The Children’s Storefront School in East Harlem, New York. The Children’s Storefront is an independent, tuition-free school, serving children from the neighborhood, grades P-8. The student population is 98% African-American, and 90% of the children qualify for free or reduced lunch. This Coordinated School Health Initiative, led by Cathrine Himberg, a professor in the PETE program at California State University-Chico, is being captured in a documentary titled “No Excuses!” produced by John Roussell, professor of Communication Design at CSU-Chico.

Skillastics® had the pleasure of contributing to the “No Excuses” Documentary, scheduled to be released in March, 2013. We thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with the children and staff, and learning how quality physical education has transformed their program. We are honored to be a part of such a meaningful project.
Cathrine Himberg, shares her thoughts on our day spent with the children. “Jaws dropped when the 8th graders at The Children’s Storefront School in Harlem, New York, saw the video of Skillastics® President and founder, Sandy “Spin” Slade as Halle Berry’s stunt double in Cat Woman. When a clip from “Beyond Basketball”, a documentary about Sandy and her amazing skills was shown next , the students were shocked.  The common room exploded with energy when Sandy showed them some of the tricks “live”.   In all, five classes at The Children’s Storefront received a unique lesson on stereotypes wrapped into a fun treat during their last full week of school in June. Sandy visited the school to talk to the students about “Skillastics®” that they just started playing in Physical Education, and to deliver the message that you can work doing what you love if you set goals, go to college, work hard, and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.”  
Sandy’s visit at the school was filmed, and will be part of the documentary “No Excuses!”, which features the transformation of a “roll out the ball” program to a quality physical education program at The Children’s Storefront school.  The documentary will showcase hard working teachers and supportive administrators in programs all over the US. The film aims to educate the public about what quality physical education is, and how there are NO Excuses for wasting time and resources by being OK with teachers who, at best, waste their students’ time. “No Excuses!” is scheduled for release 3.13.13.
  • PE_Fetch says:

    I am a PE teacher in Albany, CA and I volunteered in Harlem while Sandy was there and she was amazing!  The kids loved her “skillz” and her message.  I was equally impressed!

    -David J

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