Fitness Fun Zone Court Tackles Childhood Obesity Now Available

 Corona, CA – The Fitness Fun Zone™, a joint project developed by Sandy “Spin” Slade, Founder of Skillastics® and Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D., Founder of Peaceful Playgrounds® is now available.  This highly anticipated product is a one-of-a-kind evidence-based physical activity court designed to accommodate 1 to 50 individuals of various fitness abilities.

 “We are excited to introduce the Fitness Fun Zone® outdoor court that includes multiple game and activity applications that incorporate fitness and nutrition,” said Sandy “Spin” Slade, President of Skillastics®.  “Schools, Parks, and Youth Organizations will appreciate the variety of fitness games and stations on this permanent, innovative playground court.”

 Fitness Fun Zone Court represents the core package of materials and includes four activities: Twelve Fitness Stations, Twelve Jump Rope Stations, Four Corner Court and a Nutrition Activity.  This product will be promoted and available through both organizations and is the foundation for a continued expanded line of exciting physical activity and sport specific activities coming in the near future.

 “Childhood obesity is a pressing problem and the Fitness Fun Zone makes physical activity and exercise fun for kids in the “game like” setting.  We are excited to release such an innovative product.  Last year Peaceful Playgrounds won the National Healthy Schools innovation Award as part of the Healthy Schools Campaign and we expect similar results impacting children’s health from the Fitness Fun Zone.

 Since 2002, over 20,000 quality programs have adopted Skillastics®, and are praising its ability to provide effective standards-based educational principles all in the atmosphere of FUN!

 Peaceful Playgrounds is an established program providing physical activity programming to schools and parks across America.

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Fitness Fun Zone flyer

Contact: Suzanne Blair