Developmentally Appropriate Skills

Fun, joy of movement, positive learning environment.  What comes to mind when you read those words?  For me, it’s what I tried to do each day in my teaching.  But for the purpose of this article, it’s back to watching 5 year old children learning how to play basketball, and now soccer.   After a little break due to some special events, I’ll continue this month with some thoughts from watching YMCA basketball and now soccer!  The little ones spend half of their time working on developing their skills.  As I’ve watched, the thought “developmentally appropriate” comes to mind!  NASPE has documents that support appropriate practices and I know many of you that are reading this are most likely already familiar with those documents.  However, if you ever need “proof” that what you are doing is the right thing, go to and click on the “Standards and Position Statements” tab.  There are many great resources for you to use to help promote and support best practices. 

I’ve also noticed that the kids are having fun; and everyone in the stands is cheering for both teams.  Wow!!  I would hope that each day our students have fun during their physical education class.  And….I do think it’s important for us to teach good sportsmanship.  NASPE Content Standard 5 addresses this concept and I believe it is something that should be assessed just as often as we assess motor skills and fitness. 

  1. Since I mentioned a while back the deep tradition of basketball in Kansas earlier I’ll close by saying it was a great season with the KU Jayhawks surprising everyone with their run to the NCAA Men’s Championship game and the WSU Shockers winning the Missouri Valley Conference.  As adults we have fun supporting our teams and being active.  Let’s do all we can to help our students have fun and to learn the joy of being physically active!