May is National Physical Education and Sport Month

May is National Physical Education and Sport month and offers a great opportunity to showcase your program.  It’s important that everyone looks for ways to advocate for physical education and by planning a special event during May (and specifically the first week of May) you can help support those advocacy efforts. 

Here are a few simple ideas to consider:

  1. Include a healthy quote as a part of each morning’s announcements. 
  2. Start one day with a 15 minute “all school walk”.
  3. Ask your librarian to showcase physical activity or sport themed books.
  4. Invite parents/guardians to observe or participate in a physical education class. 
  5. Send home physical education homework for families to be active together. 

For more tips, check out NASPE’s “101 Tips for Implementing a Comprehensive Physical Activity Program”.  Skillastics® sponsored this document and we are proud to be a part of the “Let’s Move in School” initiative.  If you are looking for a new product, check out the new Skillastics® “Let’s Move in School” activity kit!