Skillastics® Shining Suggestion of the Month

A great supporter of Skillastics® shared this great idea that she includes periodically as a “twist” to Skillastics®. 

Cover 2 or 3 activities on the oversized Skillastics®® mat with a piece of paper that has a big question mark on it.  If a team lands on that activity, that student runs to the “mystery activity” box or bag and retrieves another activity.  The student brings that activity to his/her group to complete.  When completed, the activity is placed back in the “mystery activity” box or bag.  The activities in the “mystery activity” box or bag can be activities that you want your students to practice.  What a great way to put a new twist on Skillastics®

What creative things have you done with Skillastics®?  Share it with us and we’ll feature it in a future newsletter!