Great Time to Think About Let’s Move in School

As the lazy days of summer are here, and your creative juices are being rejuvenated, take some time to really learn about the “Let’s Move in School” initiative.  I encourage you to focus on one component of CSPA (Comprehensive School Physical Activity) and plan a few activities for the next school year that fit with your school environment.  The components are: 

  • Physical Education
  • Physical Activity During School
  • Physical Activity Before and After School
  • Staff Involvement
  • Family and Community Involvement

If you go to this web site, and click on the “comprehensive school physical activity program” hot link, it will take you to a page where you can look for ideas and resources that will help you plan your school activities. 

Since the goal of the “Let’s Move in School” initiative is to help students be physically activity for 60 minutes each day, the Skillastics® activity kits are a great resource and strategy to include in your plan.  Whether you use the activity kits in your physical education class or in a before/after school program, create a plan for classroom teachers to use the mini mats with their students, or introduce a group of adults to the fun, Skillastics® is a great way to get everyone moving!