Staying Active During Summer

Summer is here and that means schedules are very different than during the school year.  However, the recommendation for 60 minutes of physical activity each day doesn’t change just because school isn’t in session!  So, this is a great opportunity for us to encourage students to find new and creative ways to stay active.  If your school is still in session, make sure you include a list of activities that parents can have available during the summer months.  If your school is done for the year, consider working with your local newspaper to publish an article or editorial that has active ideas for students. 

Here are a few to get you started, add to it and find a way to share your ideas! 

  • Play flashlight tag with your neighbors.
  • Design a Frisbee golf course in your backyard, or a local park.
  • Try a new activity as a family (geo-caching, fly a kite, take an “alphabet” walk and find one item that starts with each letter of the alphabet). 
  • Turn the sprinklers on and have fun cooling off on those hot days!
  • Play “catch” with water balloons!
  • Chase bubbles around the yard. 
  • Create an obstacle course for your friends. 
  • Play 4-square in the driveway.
  • Put marbles in a wading pool and see who can pick up the most using their toes.
  • Organize a neighborhood “Olympics” event where each family creates one event.