Learn From The Pros

It’s that time of year again – the NBA Finals.  It always amazes me how skilled these players are considering their size and height.  I hesitate in suggesting that children watch and learn everything NBA players do.  Unfortunately, sometimes NBA players’ fundamental skills are not the best to emulate.  Some NBA players do not have the best shooting skills.  NBA players can get away with “short cuts” because of years of experience and strength.  Young athletes, many times try to “copy” these “short cuts” of NBA players before they have mastered the basic skill and this results in the  development of bad habits which are difficult to correct.  There is, however, one thing children should pay close attention when watching players at the NBA level and that is their ability to move to get open to receive a pass.   I recommend that the viewer follow one player the entire game to watch how often they move , when and if they set screens or positioning themselves to get open or get a rebound.  It is incredible what you can learn if you follow one player.