Assessment Ideas

As you continue to think about practical ways to assess your students, consider using what is called an “Exit Slip”.  At the end of class allow a few minutes for students to respond to a question you will ask of them.  Below are some ideas for things you might consider:

  • Write down one thing you did today to show good sportsmanship.  (NASPE Standard 5)
  • What fitness component did we work on in our activity today?  Write one sentence to explain your answer.  (NASPE Standard 4)
  • Write down two cues you need to remember to be successful at throwing (or whatever skill you are working on).  (NASPE Standard 2)
  • What can you do at home to get better at catching (or whatever skill you are working on)?  (NASPE Standard 3)

You can use 3 x 5 cards or just cut scraps of paper big enough for the students to record their answer.   Have some type of system in place so students can get the paper and pencils quickly.  When doing paper/pencil assessments I always had the students put their name, classroom teacher’s name and color line/squad at the top of the paper.  I would have one student from each color line collect the papers and hand them to me or call them by color groups.  That helped me record the information if I used it for a formal assessment.  “Exit Slips” certainly can be used to show you are teaching and assessing the NASPE Standards.  They also give you information to better understand your students and what he/she has learned or not learned.