Physical Education in the Year 2020, by Richard Simmons

What will Physical Education look like in the year 2020?  Well, if I put on my Sorcerer’s hat, of course I have one, and peered deeply in to a magic crystal ball that would allow me to, I wonder what would I see?

 I do know what I would like to see.  I would like to see each and every school in the nation with it’s own gym.  I would like to see children from a very early age on, exercising in school every day, learning stretching, toning and aerobic exercises.  I would like to see the gyms open before and after school for the teachers, because they need to work out too.

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Physical Education included nutrition education as well..maybe even cooking classes?  This way we can help every student create better eating habits from the get go.  

 I would like to see PE teachers valued and honored for the vital work that they do, and education in our country, once again, be a national treasure.

 And, most, most, most importantly, in my crystal ball,  Physical Education would be….must be, a Positive Experience for all. 

No child should ever feel humiliated or less worthy because of his or her physical abilities.  I know this pain all too well.  Physical Education classes must focus on fitness rather than competition, and offer varieties of activities that everyone can participate in, enjoy and take away lifelong habits from.  Exercise should be fun!

 Being more fit and healthy, makes children ready to learn, more focused and confident, and feel better about themselves all the time. 

Every kid deserves the tools to BEAM with SELF ESTEEM tomorrow and today!

All of these dreams of the future though, will only be possible by making the right choices today.  We can choose to sit back idly and watch the obesity/inactivity epidemic continue to grow even larger, or, we can choose to fight back.  I say we get up off the couch, and FIGHT for what’s right!

 If families and communities join together with PTAs and administrations to do all that they can to support their schools with creative fund raising, like a Farmer’s Market, and simply get involved with good old fashioned man power, we have a real chance.  Strongly urging our leaders to make good decisions that affect real positive change is something we can all do too.

Children need to express their creativity and emotions through language, art, music and movement and it is up to us to be sure that the curriculum of the future allows them the opportunity to do so as they prepare for adult life in a truly amazing world.

Yes, that’s what I can see in my crystal ball, millions of healthy faces….beaming with self esteem.  Can’t you see them too?