Skillastics® – Not Just for the Gym!

Start the 2010-2011 school year off the right foot, by using Skillastics® games as “brain breaks” in the classroom .  Give your students their frequent,  and much needed, “brain breaks” throughout the day,  to  improve blood flow that will help a student to stay focused so he/she can continue learning.  Use Skillastics® exercise cards by cutting out and laminating the cards found in the Skillastics® Activity Kit instructional manuals.  Here is how it works.  At the teacher’s signal, every  student selects  one card.  He or she  then has to demonstrate the exercise at or near his or her desk  for 30 seconds to 1 minute.  When done, students exchange activity cards so that every student has a new activity.  The students can even use the Skillastics® Basketball Skills and substitue basketballs with paper basketballs which can be “shot” into the recycle bins after use.  Surprise your students with different ways to use any any  Skillastics®® exercises for their breaks.  Modified equipment for the classroom can include beach balls, hacky sacs, balloons, paper balls, imaginary equipment, and scarves.  You will be surprised how quickly the students will return to work to look forward to the next break.   Enjoy!