Winning Skillastics® Story Announced

Physical Education Coordinator, Kristin Underwood from Wyoming, submitted the following story on her experience with Skillastics®.  She was chosen from numerous entries to receive 30 basketballs for her program provide by Skillastics®.

At the beginning of each school year our school sponsors a parent night for the next year.  We offer the opportunity for parents to come and observe our building in each and every classroom.  During this event, I wanted to provide an opportutiy for families to come into the gym and get active together.  This activity was led by the children of those parents.  I had used all four of my Skillastics® mats throughout the year.  I have soccer, basketball, fitness and fitness extreme.  I set up the fitness extreme mats for this evening and to my surprise kids were very successful at teaching their parents the process of the mat as well as each skill on the mat.  Parents and children were exercising as a unit and having a great time doing so.  My success story comes from the opportunity kids had to transfer what they have learned in PE to a different setting and with  a different audience, and in doing so they were having fun while being active.  Thank you.