How can 100 children play Skillastics® at one time?

A group of children are divided up into 6 teams (16 on each team if 100 children are playing).  teams are placed away from the large activity mats in their “home area”.  A duplicate miniature mat (of the large mat), is place in each teams “home area” for reference (6 miniature mats are included with each activity kit).  Children from each team take turns jogging to the large mat, rolling their assigned colored die and moving their assigned colored beanbag the number rolled – landing on an activity and running back to his/her team explaining what activity they are required to do next at the level of repetitions assigned.  Once completed, the process is repeated with another teammate from each team jogging to the large mat and rolling his/her assigned color die.  The teams are playing completely independent from one another.  The average class size usually varies between 24-50 children – which lowers the average number to 4 to 8 children on each team.